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  1. CanADvlady78
    The Big Land, July, 2017
  2. regfu
    Like a worn-out shoe
  3. Hobo Bill
    Hobo Bill
    Traveling in search of trails and odd jobs.
  4. smeltman
    hi guys my name is eddy doyle my brother was IT STEVE . he was allways the dirt bike and I was the street bike ,we were suppose to do the ride the rock together but things came up for me and didn't get a bike together in time for the ride . I was going to do the ride with my son back in 1998 but two weeks after we make plans he had passed away out west from a work related accident at the age of eighteen .years after steve and I said well lets go to nfld on a ride , the bike hunt was on he found one and phoned me to come over and have a look when I walked in the shed all I seen was a motor hanging from a strap and a frame in the corner steve looked at me with that great big smile and said MAKING IT WORK! and that my friends is when the video was born .well someday I might make it to the rock I seen a lot of pics from steves cam looks like yas were having a great time .thank you to all for your wonderful things you said in your messages about my brother IT STEVE may god bless ! eddy
    1. Dougger
      Hi Eddy, There is always a place for you to stay at my place if you ever come this way. I still have Steve magnet on my fridge, and will always remember him with a smile. Heck we could pass for twins.
      May 21, 2017
    2. cberry
      smeltman Hi Eddy. I visited with your brother and we toured PEI. I saw that motor/bike hanging in the shed too. We had a great ride and Steve conned me into riding the RT into the grass and over to the cliffs. We also visited the trailer and I met Steve's family. It was a wonderful day.

      I'll be touring PEI again this July. Any chance we can meet up?
      May 29, 2017 at 5:50 PM
  5. theylive
    theylive murph
    I'm heading for a day trip to St Pierre tomorrow but, now thinking I'll stay in Fortune for the night. I'm not a good ferry passager. Lol
    So I probably not be in St John's until late Friday of Saturday morning.
    If that ain't messing up your weekend, the help would be great.
    John Fry
  6. Martman
    Thanks, thought it might be the same one.
  7. Phazernut
    Phazernut Martman
    The NS is owned by Chris Crotty. It's purple and pink from his racing days
  8. Wayne
    Mike, just got your message. Hope everything is okay.
  9. skibum69
    skibum69 Wayne
    nevermind, my sister in law went over to check on her, they took her to the hospital to check her over
  10. skibum69
    skibum69 Wayne
    hey Wayne are you online? I'm trying to find someone who can pop by mom's house or get the number for her next door neighbour on the right. She fainted earlier and my sister just tried to call but no answer. I think she went in the ambulance but no way to check and I don't know Ken's last name. Let me know