Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

Discussion in 'Ride Reports & Photos' started by murph, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Trash

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    Took advantage of incredible weather last weekend to put over 300 miles on the F700GS, including a ride to Delta Diner to win first bike of the year honors and the free piece of pie crown. Took over two hours to wash the salt off the bike when I got home, but it was well worth it! Back to heavy snow again this weekend.
  2. murph

    murph Active Member

    300 miles for free pie?
    Sounds like a deal to me.
    It is good to be king.
  3. HunterSon

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  4. Trash

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    The snow is mostly gone, and the driveway has dried up enough to allow me to venture forth on the F700GS again. Took a 50 mile ride yesterday, and followed up with a 135 mile breakfast ride today. I never thought I would accumulate 500 miles for the year already by the first of April in Northern Wisconsin.
  5. HunterSon

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    Went for a little spin on the WRX today to try out the windscreen, Sargent seat and new gearing, about 100km, half that highway. The screen and seat will definitely make highway travel more comfortable for the annual RTR Canada camping trip at Trout River park. Although I may have to remove the peak from my helmet to reduce buffeting. The new gearing lets me easily cruise at highway speeds.

    Met some fellow RTR members at Father Duffey's Well on Salmoneer Line.

    Really looking forward to the trip and spending a couple of weeks on the little Yamaha!
  6. TokenBlonde

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    That was us! Nice to meet ya :)
  7. Delboy

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    Rode to Bishop's Falls yesterday, one way, on the Yamaha Royal Star Venture. 360 Km...sold bike.

  8. murph

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    Well now! What is your lovely wife going to do now when she feels the need to blow the dust off?
  9. Delboy

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    She can take the Zed out for a spin. :)
  10. Backdraft

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    Out for a ride mothers day with my better half!

    18403316_1322407654540311_1010620461626968094_n.jpg 18447626_1322407634540313_6069591169412969134_n.jpg 18447301_1322407621206981_4157244891596272324_n.jpg 18447163_1322411351206608_2305925934824222640_n.jpg
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  11. Bob

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    Nice GS! Swapped out the K60s on mine for a set of Tourance Nexts today. My wife and I are heading for Idaho tomorrow for a few days, this will be our first ride of the Season. I'll see if I can post up a few pics at some point during the ride.
  12. townieglenn

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    First ride on the GS this year..sad but true. Ice is still tight in Bonavista... IMG_4162.JPG
  13. Bob

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    A bit early for the passes over here yet.... snow melt running across the road, freezing at nights, scenic overlooks not cleared, snow on the shoulders etc.
    Here's a pic at Salmo Creston Pass on the May 24 weekend:
    IMG_2363 copy Salmo Creston.jpg
  14. cberry

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