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  1. Wayne

    Wayne Active Member

    Is it just me or does Photobucket just not work very well anymore? Any other recommendations?
  2. keith

    keith Member

    I use imgur
  3. Bob

    Bob Member

    I got a lot of pics from our ride to Alaska this Summer, and as usual there's only a few that are any good... problem is when I try to update my 'album' here it wants to upload a whole file or folder or summit....hundreds of pics, and I can't just seem to pick and upload the few I'd like to share. Don't want to create some sort of URL thingy on line, photo bucket or whatever, just want to add a few pics to my album from my MacBook. Every now and then I seem to get it right, but the next time I try I either forget or don't have the patience to figure it out all over again. It's not this website that's the problem... it's me not knowing how to select and upload just a few pics from a 'file' or 'folder' or whatever it's called that contains hundreds of pics. Any clues?
  4. Bob

    Bob Member

    If these pics come out then I figured it out, sorta... Here's a pic of a guy named Robert from Mexico on the same bike as me in Whitehorse, YK
    Robert from Mexico.jpg Mexican & Newfie.jpg

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