Stolen KLR650

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zizek, May 15, 2017.

  1. zizek

    zizek New Member

    Hello Ride the Rock

    My KLR 650 was stolen last night. Usually I park it in the garage, but I was doing some work in the garage so I had it parked in the street, and poof! it's gone. This was downtown on Margaret's street.

    This is my only means of transportation, so it's definitely a huge pain. Fortunately the weather is great now so I'm bicycling and walking a lot anyways. But I hate to see something I've put so much work into just disappear like this :( .

    Anyways, if ya'll keep an eye out for it that would be great.

    Here is a quick list of what isn't stock in case you see somebody hustling these parts. anti-vibration mirrors, renthal bars, rox bar risers, moose easy pull clutch, oxford grips, braided font break lines, studded D606 tires, aftermarket seat, expedition luggage rack, aluminum skid plate, radiator guard, water pump guard, ims pegs, center stand, progressive fork springs, progressive rear shock, 685 engine with hot cams, and probably a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting.


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  2. murph

    murph Active Member

    This truly rots me. If it is any consolation the green is a rare color here so it is easy to spot.
  3. zizek

    zizek New Member

    Ugh, my insurance isn't covering any aftermarket parts, and isn't providing any rental vehicle. So I'm out a bunch of money and a vehicle :(

    If anybody has, or knows anybody, that would like to sell a KLR650 I'd be super interested in buying. I'd like any dual sport, but because I have a mountain of KLR parts including a usable frame and engine, I think I'll continue my saga of the mighty KLR.
  4. Speedy McJesus

    Speedy McJesus New Member

    Dude I feel for you.....I would be f#cking rotted. Some skeet stole your baby.

    Best of luck and I hope the guy who stole your bike gets strung up by the eye lids and kicked in the Nuts till he blinks
  5. murph

    murph Active Member

    I may be able to help. Send me your contact info.
  6. RossKean

    RossKean Member

    That just pisses me off! The guy might strip it to sell parts but it's risky - too much chance of getting caught. Betting its been taken for a joy ride (hopefully) and will show up somewhere without too much damage. I guess the other thought is that it will become an unlicensed off-road "woods" bike. I feel your pain!!

    Good luck!
  7. zizek

    zizek New Member

    I'm sure most of you here know this already, but I just want to shout out how great of a guy Murph is! The last couple of weeks have been crappy, so having a guy like Murph getting me back on some wheels is just fantastic.
    Thank you very much!
  8. Dougger

    Dougger Member

    Murph is one of a kind that is for sure. He has a lot of deposits in the karma bank.
  9. versys Rob

    versys Rob Member

    Now his big fat head is going to get even bigger. This post does not say how he helped. I am betting a red KLR is involved.

    Way to go Murph

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